MergeQueue Manifesto

So why we decided to build MergeQueue? Here’s a brief chapter from the book of MergeQueue.

The founders of MergeQueue have a background working at both large companies (such as Google, Adobe) and several fast-growing silicon valley startups. These large companies and startups operate very differently but struggle with similar problems: engineering inefficiencies. While the large companies like Google have a fleet of engineers whose sole responsibility is engineering productivity (also referred to as eng-prod), startups rarely get to focus on improving engineering productivity.

We as both engineers and founders strongly believe in the concept of 10x engineers. Moreover, we believe if given enough capabilities and focus, these superpowers can be attained by most engineers. Unlike managers, engineers can significantly improve performance by finding focus, removing distractions and more importantly automating mundane tasks. These are the core principle behind building MergeQueue.

We love observing. Observing engineers write code, observing teams collaborate, observing them solve problems and observing companies build a phenomenal product. As compassionate observers, we also observe inefficient processes, lost information, miscommunication, distractions and failures. These observation superpowers help us identify bottlenecks in productivity, and build software to solve them

After learning from the engprod teams at large companies, we have built a suite of supertools at the startups that have converted many engineers to perform 10x. Now, we are democratizing these supertools, giving opportunity to every engineer in the world to be 10x. Because if everyone is performing 10x, the world would be 10x better in the future.

We highly admire Github (who does not?), and the opportunity that it has brought to the developer world. With MergeQueue, we are supercharging Github to go beyond just a source control. With our first pilot to automate the process of merging code, we saw a double-digit increase in productivity. And this is just the beginning. Our mission is to give every engineer in the world an opportunity to be 10x.

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